General Chemistry



Boyle’s Law: The pressure of a gas is 2.30 atm in a 1.80 L container. Calculate the final pressure of the gas if the volume is decreased to 1.20 litters.

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3.45 atm



Boyle’s Law: After changing the pressure of a gas sample from 760.0 torr to 0.800 atm, it occupies 4.30 L volume. What was the initial volume of the gas?

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3.44 L


Charles’s Law: What will be the final volume of a 3.50 L sample of nitrogen at 20 °C if it is heated to 200 °C?

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5.65 L



Charles’s Law: The volume of a gas decreased from 2.40 L to 830. mL and the final temperature is set at 40.0 °C. Assuming a constant pressure, calculate the initial temperature of the gas in kelvins.

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905 K


Gay-Lussac’s Law: A sample of helium gas at 1.40 atm is heated from 23.0 °C to 400.0 K. How many atmospheres is the final pressure of the helium gas?

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1.89 atm


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